Cook County Plays above its Size

The Cook County football team does things the old-fashioned way. The Hornets may not always have the most size, but they get results. The 2012 version is no different which means they're heading for another successful season.

Heading to a practice at Cook County High, you can't help but get excited about the Hornets. In his third season at the helm, Head Coach Ken Cofer forces intensity and passion on to his (often) undersized athletes.

"They'll bring the heat, they'll bring the passion to the game," Cofer said. "They'll bring the work ethic and that's what we want here at Cook High School, and that's what we're noted for and it's just a hard working group of guys."

Fitting right in with the Cook mantra, the Hornets have a quarterback that loves to hit. Quarterback Ross Pickle was named as a Preseason All-Region linebacker. However, Pickle is moving to offense and he's taken over his new position.

"Soon as the first day of summer came, he was ready to go...going to quarterback camps. Didn't have to get on to him one time...he had already been throwing," Cofer said.

"He's really going to do good. He puts it on the money. His accuracy is right...he can run the ball when he has to...he's going to be alright," senior receiver Zack Williams said.

Just alright- isn't often acceptable to the 21 seniors on the Hornet roster. According to Cofer, these guys are the presence that makes Cook so successful in AA-Region 1.

"These guys have been around this program for a long time, we got a couple new faces, as far as seniors go, but they hold it up," Cofer said.

The Hornets remember the region championship run of 2010, and it's that passion that pushes the team to holding up another trophy in 2012.

"We work hard and we play hard. We just got to do it," said Williams with a big smile.

"We don't have the biggest kids in the world, but they have the biggest heart. That's what's good about Adel," Cofer said.