Colquitt County Pitcher Poses Dual Threat

A senior pitcher from Colquitt County has a remarkable talent and a split persona. Aubrey McCarty holds the gift of switch pitching.

"Aubrey is technically two people in one body. A left-handed McCarty and a right-handed McCarty," Colquitt County head baseball coach Tony Kirkland said.

"I'm naturally left-handed with everything. I eat, write, do everything left-handed. When I first started playing baseball, I played it right-handed. I always played it right-handed," McCarty said.

In the modern era of baseball, pitchers that can throw from the left and the right are few and far between. Let's just say you can count them on one hand.

Currently, New York Yankees minor leaguer Pat Venditte carries the dual pitching flag at the professional level. After seeking advice, Venditte actually spoke to Coach Kirkland about how to properly train and condition both of McCarty's arms.

"When we brought him up as a freshman and he started pitching, umpires, opposing teamsâ|they stand there in utter amazement because it's a kid that can throw with both hands and do it effectively," Coach Kirkland said.

"The righty on righty, lefty on lefty is definitely an advantage. I think the mental advantage helps most because they've never seen it before, kind of surprises them, they don't know what to do," McCarty added

Just as surprising to most, McCarty uses a six-fingered glove. The senior explained the six-fingered contraption rather nonchalantly.

It's got two glove pockets and it closes in the middle somewhat like a catcher's glove. With two thumbs on each side and six fingers, it goes all the way around so McCarty can swap it over and put it on like a normal glove.

Topping out at 92 miles per hour from the right side and 85 mph on the left, Vanderbilt University signed the pitcher that can toe the rubber from both and (believe it or not) switch hit, as well.

"He's got four things to choose fromâ|the rest of us have to go on two. (Vanderbilt) is going to run his talent level out and if he can show at that level, then they're going to run with it," Kirkland said.

Special rules for this special player, McCarty must declare his pitching arm before a batter walks in to the box. It may be the only way to keep a level playing field.

"It is an unbelievable, God-given talent. Granted, he works very, very hard to be able to do it, but it is still a very special talent," Kirkland said.