Churches step to the plate for football season

Students load up on food for the game. / Jessica Fairley

Instead of a pep rally, several high school football teams got their inspiration in the form of a hot meal from a group of churches.

Before hitting the field, the Monroe High School's Golden Tornadoes stormed into the church, not only for a pre-game pep talk but for food to keep them going.

They load up their plates with protein for muscle strength to carry them through the game.

Albany's First Presbyterian Church is just one of many churches who fed football players Friday afternoon.

"We get a group of volunteers who spends most of the day cooking and making sure that they can get the place so it's all set up to look like Monroe High and it's just a good thing and we're enjoyed in it and we're glad they're here," said Garrett Andrew, Pastor at Albany First Presbyterian.

Coach Charles Truitt with Monroe High School said it was wonderful for the church to donate their time and energy to provide the athletes with not only fuel for their body but their soul as well.

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