Chehaw holds races to benefit endangered animals

Chehaw is holding two races on September 22nd that will benefit endangered animals

/ Colby Gallagher

Earlier this week we introduced you to the upcoming Zombie Run, but for those who want a thrill that's a little less scary, there's another race for you.

Chehaw Wild Animal Park is holding two events on September 22nd: a one-mile "Run your Tail Off" race where you have to construct your own tail and wear it and a 5-K race past the cages.

Chehaw plans to donate the money raised towards saving endangered animals.

"This is probably a great way for people to come out and have fun but then also really help something. It started and we kind of just went with it and now this is what we have and we're hoping that we can get a great turnout and get a lot of people out here," said Zookeeper Danielle Sumner, an avid runner who planned the event.

Runners who place in their age category will win unique prizes such as ostrich eggs and Georgia clay medals.

To enter, visit Chehaw's Facebook page. Adults can run for only $20, kids race for $12.

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