Cavalier Golf Making Room on the Roster

Down to seven players on the current roster, the Darton College golf team added some reinforcements Thursday for the 2012-2013 season.

The Cavaliers restocked the squad signing five players including local talent in Colquitt County's Von Stripling and Coffee County's Tyler Vaughn.

Top sophomores Joe Sakulpolphaisan and Shad Tuten have a limited amount of time left with Darton. Cavalier Head Coach Bill Jones filled their expected void with plenty of competition.

"We want eight, nine or ten so we can sub out the guys who aren't playing well, sub out some guys who need to stay for classes," Coach Jones said. "The competition has got to be great and for that to happen we've got to have a lot of good players."

"I've got one friend that I know real well to come with me...the other guys I really don't know them but with such a big class we'll get a lot of competition...definitely make ourselves a lot better as a team," Vaughn said.

Darton shifts their focus to next week's tournament in Alabama, but may not be completely done with this signing class. Coach Jones added that the team wants pick up one more player to complete the roster.