Boy with Cerebral Palsy to get back on the court

Khyree cheering his team on / Sean Streicher

There's a happy ending to a story we brought you last week about a little boy with cerebral palsy.

Khryee Wright, the 9 year old boy with Cerebral Palsy, who was told his walker posed too much of a risk for other kids for him to play on his YMCA basketball team, has been offered the opportunity to get back on the court.

YMCA Executive Director Dave Wallace, is currently working out the details with Khyree's father, but as it stands now, there will be 2-3 minutes of extra time played after the game has ended. During that time Khyree will be able to get on the court with direct parental supervision and play in a game like session.

This is all that Khyree's mother, Samarria Wright, wanted all along, "That really makes me feel really happy, again that's all we really wanted, for him to be a part of the team and have his chance, I'm looking forward to that great big old smile everyone is used to seeing."

Wallace also added that this has always been about the safety of every child involved, which is his number one concern. He sees the change as a reasonable accommodation for Khyree that doesn't exceed the boundaries of safety that made them uncomfortable in the first place.

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