Atlanta Falcons promote physical activity

The Atlanta Falcons Gatorade Junior Training Camp / Sean Streicher

The Atlanta Falcons Gatorade Junior Training Camp is a program the Falcons offer to schools and organizations in Georgia. It's designed to get children to be more physically active.

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Albany invited the training camp down to run the program at the area's three locations.

Erin Hutchins arranged for the program to come to The Boys and Girls Clubs. She says, "We really just have a lot of fun, and it goes along with our triple play, and healthy habits when we want to promote healthiness and wellness and just being active for our kids."

The program is geared to boys and girls, in third through fifth grade. It demonstrates the importance of physical activity, hydration, and proper football techniques.

Children participate in drills that are modified from ones the Atlanta Falcons actually do.

Chris Millman, from the Falcons Community Relations Department says this really gets the kids excited, " We try to give the kids a taste of what some of their favorite Falcons players are doing during the season as were getting ready for our games. Whether it be Tony Gonzales or Matt Ryan or Michael Turner, some of their favorite Falcons players. It gets them excited knowing that they're doing some of the same drills that those guys are doing on a day to day bases.

Visit the Atlanta Falcons website to find out more about the camp and how to get them to visit your club or organization.

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