Albany's Sanford Signs with Marion Military

Albany High's Larry Sanford had the luxury of choosing between football and basketball for a college scholarship. In the end, his decision wasn't all too difficult.

Sanford signed a basketball scholarship Friday with Alabama's Marion Military School. Even after talking with Indian Head Football Coach Felton Williams, Sanford knew that football was a hobby, basketball is a passion.

The two-year military program will certainly give Sanford discipline, and that's what drew the Indian guard to the school.

"It'll help me a lot because they have 12 o'clock curfew and I'll need my rest so I can be ready for games the next day. They have study hall five days a week so I'll be good on my work," Sanford said.

The first-team, AA-Region 1 player finished the season with 15 points, four rebounds and four assists.

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