Albany's kids get hooked on golf

The "Hook a Kid on Golf" clinic returned to Southwest Georgia this week.

Albany's Flint River Course, with the help of partial sponsorships from the USGA and the National Youth Sports Alliance, puts on the program for kids young and old.

Most of the players are beginners, and they start from the beginning. They are given clubs and other equipment to keep. Roy Snead, course manager at Flint River, goes over the basic fundamentals of a golf swing. Then the kids practice.

"You can't try to hit it so hard," 7-year-old Gabe Leeson learned. "If you try to kill it, you won't make it far."

The campers are also taught the rules and etiquette of the game. The week ends on Friday with a complementary round of golf for participants and their family members.

"I was really proud of what I saw," Snead said.