Albany Tech Goes Local in Basketball

Albany Tech held a basketball signing day on Monday, and the Titans coaches were able to add some more local flair for 2011.

Among the 12 men and women that signed with the Albany Tech Monday, three graduate from the Dougherty County School System this year.

Monroe small forward Anthony Mackey is heading down the road for the 2011 Titans. Dougherty's Jasmine Lavant and Westover's Latisha Williams signed on for the Lady Titans on Monday.

Titans Women's Head Coach Kenneth Williams knows what to expect out of the local grown talent.

"We are real blessed to actually be able to get players from this city. Dougherty and Westover are fantastic programsâ|they have been over the years. The thing is about Albany players are Albany players play hard, and those are the type of players that you want," Williams said.

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