Albany State Names New Offensive Coordinator

After waiting more than two months to name an Albany State offensive coordinator, Rams head coach Mike White admitted on Friday night- his team just couldn't wait any longer

White announced on Friday night at the Golden Rams Annual Quarterback Club former quarterback's coach Uyl Joyner as the new offensive coordinator. Joyner will take over the full offensive play calling duties.

"Albany is my home and to be the offensive coordinator at Albany State- a place where I played...that excites me more than anything else because I take a whole lot of pride in our program," Joyner said.

Joyner worked as ASU's quarterback's coach for the last two seasons with all-SIAC quarterback Stanley Jennings. Joyner's familiarity with the program and offensive playbook was an important aspect of the hiring.

"I think that was important...the transition that the kids didn't have to learn a lot of new terminologyâ|we can enhance some of the things that we did last year and the year before and I think he's the right guy to do it," White said.