Albany Panthers launch Youth Indoor Football League

Officials announce a new Youth Indoor Football League

The Panthers General Manager Will Carter says he wants to get Albany's youth involved with the game. "I'm excited to introduce Southwest Georgia's youth to the game of indoor football. This gives them an opportunity to participate in the different opportunities at the Civic Center and get the whole family involved in a day of football" says Carter.

The league has a capacity of 264 players and they will play on the same field that the Panthers play on before their home games. All youth athletes will also receive a free season pass as well.

Suzanne Davis, Director of Albany Parks and Recreation says the youth football league will not only be fun, but it will help instill an active lifestyle in all the participants. "A sedentary lifestyle if it starts at a young age and it has been proven that kids will stay sedentary. We'd like to do our part to keep them active young so that they live a healthy lifestyle throughout their entire lives" says Davis.

Carter expects the new program to have a positive impact on Albany's youth. "I can see kids coming here playing, and then going off to college, and then coming back here and playing for us somewhere down the line. It's going be a great turnout so I'm really excited about this new endeavor.

For more information on how your child can sign up for the league click here.