Albany Panthers and City mull over new contract

The Panthers are working out a new lease agreement with the city of Albany / Ashley Knight

Due to new ownership and a new league affiliation, the panthers must submit a new lease agreement to the city as well as a contract for concessions.

The Albany Panthers have left the Southern Indoor Football League and has joined the Professional Indoor Football League and new owner, Rod Chappell took over in August of 2010.

The new contract stipulates a new rental fee for each home game and a reduction in Ticketmaster fees.

The Panthers also want to reserve the right to first refusal when it comes to concessions for events of 500 people or fewer.

Still, city commissioners are hesitant.

They want to see the old contract side by the side with the new and they want assurance from the new owner that he will abide by what's in the contract.

"The way it is right now, the contract is with an LLC, it's a new LLC and it's part of a brand new league, it's not the same arena football league as it was before so there are some unknowns," says City Commissioner Bob Langstaff.

Commissioners will make a decision at their night meeting, Wednesday, January 25.

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