St. Patrick's Day Parade draws large crowds to Tybee Island

Students and staff from Savannah Chatham County Public Schools joined together on one of the floats at the Tybee Island St. Patrick's Day Parade (Photo: Ian Dembling)

The 14th annual Tybee Island St. Patrick's Day parade drew thousands to Butler Avenue on Saturday, for a one of a kind event.

Even in the sea of green, it wasn't hard to miss hundreds of excited kids. Some even say this holiday is better than Christmas

"When it's Christmas you get presents but when it's St. Patrick's day you don't get presents, you get candy!," said six-year-old Jace Goldman from Effingham County.

The parade brought together families that go every year, and visitors who were seeing the parade for the first time.

One of the oldest spectators was 95-year-old Sadie Kramer of Wilmington island, who dressed in green from head to toe.

"I love it. If it hadn't been for my friends I probably wouldn't have been here today because I can't walk hardly," she said.

Kramer and many others say they're looking forward to cooking some of their favorite meals this week, like corned beef and cabbage, and green grits.

The Tybee Island parade consisted of dozens of floats, some of which can also be seen in Friday's parade in Downtown Savannah.

A closer look at what to expect for Friday's parade can be found here.

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