Milledgeville boy invites all police to his birthday party

Ayden blowing out his candles at his police-themed birthday party. Eric Mock/WGXA

MILLEDGEVILLE, GA--Young Ayden Register loves police.

When his mother Christian Civils asked him who he wanted to invite to his birthday party, Ayden replied "all police."

So Christian posted his invitation on Facebook, not expecting anything. But the day before Ayden's birthday Milledgeville police officers showed up with a police uniform for him!

Then the next day several officers, including Sgt. Judy Theocharides, showed up at Ayden's party at the Rocket Roller Rink in Milledgeville.

"He's the sweetest cutest little guy and I just wanted to make his birthday special," Theocharides said.

When asked if he wants to be a police officer when he grows up, Ayden responded with a resounding "Yes!"

Christian hopes her son's example can show their local law enforcement in a positive light. "Police are not the bad guys, I believe the police are here to help us. Ayden believes that, I hope that this brings a little more positivity when the world is so bad as it is," Civils said.

Christian said she has no idea how she's going to top this year's birthday party.

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