TBI 2016 "Crime in Tennessee" report shows rise in murders, declines in other crimes

Crime in Tennessee.png

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has released the 2016 "Crime in Tennessee" report.

The report reflects an 11.6% rise in murders state-wide and a 14% rise in weapon law violations. Overall, a total of 542,968 Group A offenses were reported in 2016, reflecting a 1.1% increase from 2015.

Of all crimes reported statewide, 27.9% were crimes against persons, 54.3% were crimes against property, and 17.8% were crimes against society. Of the crimes against persons, over half (51.3%) were domestic violence related.

There was also a 9.5% increase in drug and narcotic violations over the previous year. Among them, meth offenses saw an increase of over 4,000 reports with 10,489 in 2016 compared to 6,618 in 2015.

However, there were declines for several other offense categories. Forcible rapes dropped by 2.8% and kidnapping/abductions dropped by 6.3 percent. Burglary offenses also dropped by 8.6% and so did prostitution offenses (14.3%).

See the full report below or CLICK HERE.

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