Veterans react to bin Laden death

The current events were dominated by one man, Osama bin Laden

Every first Wednesday of the month dozens of veterans share breakfast at the American Legion Post 30.

Usually the topics in conversation are all the same.

"War stories, military stories," says Bob Sowell, an Army veteran.

"Current events, what's happening in the world," said Ken Tyus, a Navy veteran.

But this week the current events were dominated by one man, Osama bin Laden.

The United States' latest military victory had these veterans beaming with pride.

"Very happy, very satisfied. It's the best thing that happened around here in a long time," said Marine veteran Bill Cecille

"I'm very proud of our country, I'm proud of our seals and I'm just wondering why it took so darn long," said Tyus.

When talking about the matter, there's a certain perspective that can only come from someone who's served. Especially when you're talking about the brave soldiers tasked with carrying out the mission.

"We can give credit to the navy seals they did a great job getting him, finding him and taking him out," said Sowell.

"They did the job. When you're in the military you're given a job to do. Sometimes it's important. Sometimes it's not important. At least you don't think it is. But you do the job," said Tyus.

"A lot of hard work, togetherness. I mean those guys are brothers, and I bet you that's a tight unit you don't do something to one that you don't do to all of them," said Cecille.

While they were happy, many of the veterans also stressed great concern over the possibility of revenge attacks on the U.S. They say we all need to be ready in case of retaliation

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