Special Report: Tech Savvy Teens

When it comes to cell phones and computers, maybe parents just don't understand

Technology has always been a game changer. Now because of teens and their technology, it's changing the game of parenting.

"They live in such a different time then when we grew up in," said Kathy Walker.

Earl and Kathy walker are pros at that new game by now their two children, Justin is a senior and Caitlyn is a junior, at Lee County High School.

"They're still trying to figure out how, we talk and how us teenagers text and everything," said Justin.

At the push of a button their connected to the outside world

"You're not a teenager if you don't text," said Kaitlyn.

Kathy's biggest concern is the way today's children interact â| or don't interact.

"I think the technology has taken away their ability to communicate face to face," said Kathy.

She says without that person to person interaction, it could be a problem later on down the road.

"If we can't relate to our friends or our family face to face," she said."How are you going to learn those skills if you don't learn them as a teenager."

But for the teenagers who are sending those text messages it's not about losing anything. Cell phones are just new tools to communicate.

"It's just a quick little message that you can respond to me. It's not like wait for you and wait for you and hello!" said Caitlyn

"We text a lot, we still talk in person and on the phone. But dad and mom they talk to people more person to person then me and my sister do," said Justin.

When it comes to cell phones and computers, maybe parents just don't understand. But for Earl and Kathy they're trying, and have even been able to the tech as a parenting tool.

"I have a Facebook page. Basically I got one to reconnect with some old friends, but it does give me an opportunity to kind of see what my kids and my kids friends are up to," said Kathy.

"When you go on Facebook and you can see certain patterns you can see that your kids need to stay from that particular child," said Earl. "So if you see one of our friend's children on there we pick up and call them.

But using that technology is not a substitute for classic parenting.

"I feel like that a parent needs to have a relationship from their children. They don't have to use an internet tool to get the truth out of their children," said Kathy.