Safety stand down at MCLB Albany

When it comes to Marine's you'd think safety would always be at the forefront of their minds. But everyone needs a refresher course, even a Marine.

"How important it is to have safety in all of our life, not just at work, but at home and how we need to stay focused on it and share it with our families and friends," said Col. Ben Braden.

That's why the Marine Corps Logistics Base is kicking off their 101 Critical Days of Summer with their annual Stand Down for all their marines and base staff, getting people ready for the upcoming days when they want to be more active.

"As we break out our boats and do a little bit more boating or we start riding our motorcycles a little bit more and those types of things we do in the summer, just refresh ourselves," said Col. Braden.

"So that they can have that information in the for front before they climb that ladder to work on their roof or mowing the lawn and their children are present," said Kay Mull, who helped coordinate the event.

It was actually a one stop shop of safety of all kinds.

"We have people here talking about lawn and garden safety, home improvement safety we have cardiac rehab and wellness checks," said Mull

"Without this training I wouldn't think about it as much but I think that it becomes a reflexive thought once the condition is consistent," said Staff Sgt. Jeffery Cooley.

The program wasn't just about hands on safety, but also health safety, such as drinking and driving.

Georgia State Patrol officer brought goggles to mimic the feeling a person would have they were drunk.

"We have certain levels of limit on each goggle ranging from just a couple of beers all the way to simulating a case of beer probably," said Cpl. Scott McClure.

You can put the goggles on and take a field sobriety test. And let me just say first hand walking a straight line has never been so difficult.

"I've seen that several times this week, from individuals out there on the roadway. And just watching you stumble, it's scary to know that there are that many people out there drunk," said McClure.