March of Dimes auction raises spirits and funds

One in eight babies is born premature every year.

The March of Dimes is raising money and awareness for solutions to premature birth and its related diseases. Thursday night was the Southwest Georgia area's March of Dimes Signature Chefs Auction.

Stephanie Potter's first-hand experiences inspired her to help with the cause. She went into labor one month early.

"I wanted him extremely bad and going in labor then not being in labor then being scared of miscarrying the whole time, it's a scary thought," she says.

Her son Brandon was 5 pounds, 6 ounces at birth. Today, he's six years old and she says he's very strong.

"I believe in the cause. They (March of Dimes) help children and looking at Brandon now, I mean, it's well worth it," Potter says.

At the tenth annual Signature Chefs Auction, Stephanie along with her husband and son were named the 2011 Ambassador Family.

Events like the Signature Chefs Auction can raise up to $60,000. Money raised from these events goes toward grants for local health departments, research and educational materials for mothers. Board members with March of Dimes say vaccinations and vitamins help prevent premature births and diseases.

"If we can get those mothers that early teaching for those babies, just making sure they have the proper nutrition and that'll help cut down on those premature births," says Board Member Julia Forehand.

While guests enjoyed local cuisine and wine, music and silent auctions, those working closely with the March of Dimes want them to remember one thing.

"The patrons that are out here we just hope that they are having fun as well and just realizing that they are here for a very good cause which is to save those babies," says Forehand.

For more information on preventing premature births and the resulting defects, or to donate to the March of Dimes, visit their website.

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