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      Local experts weigh in on health care debate

      As Congress mulls over whether or not to repeal the health care law, an Albany doctor says politicians need to think long and hard before taking action.

      Doctor Joseph Stubbs of Albany Internal Medicine is the former president of the American College of Physicians. He says the current plan makes health care more accessible.

      The health care reform bill is a much needed act to try to bring about improvement in costs and try to bring about this enormous discrepancy between people who have insurance and don't have insurance, said Stubbs.

      But paying for the uninsured to get health insurance could create a burden for taxpayers.

      Just simply bringing in 30 to 40 million more people insured and largely insured by the government is going to cause problems, said Stubbs.

      If you look at the current act to just repeal the mandate forcing people, by 2014 to have insurance. If you take away that mandate that's going to be the aspect that is going to increase the deficit, said Darton College Economist Aaron Johnson.

      Johnson says the real cost may come on businesses and jobs.

      For one there is going to be a mandate for employers to provide health care to employees, so that mandate is going to increase costs, said Johnson.