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      Former Albany resident shares experience with Oklahoma tornado

      Former Albany Convention and Visitor's Bureau employee Liz Barfield was just a quarter of a mile away from the tornado when it hit the small town of Moore, Oklahoma.Barfield says when she heard the sirens go off at the water park she works at, she immediately ran to the safe room in the middle of the office and didn't come out until she knew it was safe to leave.Once outside, employees said they could see the mile-wide tornado just a small distance away tearing through the next town over. Barfield says she's already finding family photos and other debris from the ruined houses that were picked up in the heavy wind.Water park employees were among the many who lost everything and Barfield says it's amazing to see the warmth and compassion that has come out of everyone to help those who are struggling.Barfield says her business has been cooking food and offering shelter to first responders and those in need, and it's a good feeling to be able to help.

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