Fire Prevention Week, aims to save lives

Albany Fire Dept. will talked to us about fire prevention. / Sean Streicher

Friday's deadly blaze in Worth County brought the total number of fire related deaths in Georgia to 44. Fire Prevention Week, which runs from October 7-13, is designed to keep that number from going up.

"We want to prevent fires, but in case there is a fire, we want people to be able to get out of the structure that's on fire safely", said Ralph Hudgens, the Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner.

Throughout next week, Hudgens, and fire departments around the state, will be spreading the word about fire safety.

One topic that is sure to be discussed, having a working fire alarm.

"You know smoke detectors are our first line of defense, you know we're fitting to do a time change, and when the time changes you should change your battery," said Sebon Burns, the Assistant Chief at the Albany Fire Department.

The theme of this year fire prevention week is "Have Two Ways Out", so if your main exit is blocked by fire, you have an alternate way to exit the house.

After identifying your exits, design an escape plan and come up with a family meeting place outside your home. Don't forget to practice your plan at least twice a year.

Asst. Chief Burns says, "at a time when a emergency strikes with smoke detectors or a fire if you don't have a plan then it's chaos."

Next Wednesday, schools across America will be practicing their escape plan in a nationwide fire drill.

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