Zero tolerance laws handcuff administrators

Lee County High School is moving away from zero tolerance.

In our Facebook story of the day you wanted to know what happens when a student is expelled under the zero tolerance policy.

Under zero tolerance, each rule infraction carries with it a specific and automatic disciplinary action. School officials have no power to alter the punishment based of circumstance.

If a student violates a rule that carries with it an expulsion as a punishment, the student will be automatically expelled.

Many school such as Lee County High school are starting to veer away from this disciplinary practice. Lee County Principal Kevin Dowling explains "The zero tolerance laws kind of painted us in the corner to what we had to do. Saying we have no tolerance means we have our own discretion on what were going to do if a child comes to school with a pocket knife."

Under certain circumstances expelled students are allowed to attend night school in order to keep up with their credits.