Youth strikes a rare title

Travis Eady bowling at the American Fun Park. / Jessica Fairley

One of Dougherty County's youth bowlers is claiming a title that many people young and old strive to accomplish.

Travis Eady, 19, is the first youth in the county to ever bowl a perfect 300 game.

Eady is a part of the American Fun Park's youth/adult summer league called 'The Young and the Restless.'

After eight years of bowling, he says he's honored to take home a trophy for his accomplishment.

Eady says starting out may be tough, but dedication will pay off for those who are discouraged.

"Just keep practicing at it because at times I wanted to give up on bowling when I was just starting out. It's tough but you just have to endure through the struggle and keep going," says Travis Eady.

Strikes aren't unusual for Eady. On average, he bowls a 207.