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      Youth build awareness as they party for the planet

      Earth day is celebrated across the country on April 22nd. Some plant trees, others go out and pick up litter, but at Chehaw, they're throwing a party.

      Jackie Entz, education coordinator at Chehaw, says that there are 'many different things going on. For starters, kids can make gauges out of recycled bottles so that is something they can take and do at home or they can make with us here. We also have two different gardens to go.'

      Students are getting in touch with Mother Earth in the classroom as well.

      Ashli Solinger, art teacher at Kinchafoonee Primary School, had her students get involved as well.

      "My Kindergarten had a class and we made the birds to recycle. We talked about what recycle meant and to reuse and how we could turn it into something else and how to be creative and put our heads together to come up with something fun," said Solinger.

      Getting the youth involved early is vital to promoting awareness for global issues because it teaches them how to become connected to the planet and helps them link recycling to all subjects.