Young seamstresses make garments for Phoebe patients

Students at the Sewing Good Deeds class at Polkadot Patch in Albany show wheelchair bags they sewed. / Mike Manzoni

They are young, and they already know how to sew, and sew well.

Girls from the "Sewing Good Deeds," class at Polkadot Patch in Albany presented baby gowns and wheelchair bags to the staff at Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital this afternoon.

"It really makes me feel good to do something for somebody else," said Hana Ghiathi, 11.

"I know some people get shocked when they hear their baby's not going to make it," said Shelby Covin, 11, of the gowns that will be going to some children who do not make it out of the hospital. "It's different, and unique and not everybody has the ability to sew."

Kate Grundfast, 9, has been sewing for a year. "I love the little tiny babies, and I like to help people in the world."

"I'm very thrilled, and I'm humbled to see young kids who care enough to give," said Sharon Scott, a registered nurse and manager of the hospital's rehabilitation department. Scott said each patient in the department will receive a bag.

The class plans to sew other items for patients at the hospital in the future.