You can't buy happiness

Powerball jackpot reaches 550 million dollars Wednesday sending Southwest Georgians running to get a ticket. / Matt Prichard

What would you do with $550 million dollars? That's the question folks across Georgia are asking with the Powerball lottery hitting that number on Wednesday.

"Probably buy a brand new house, new vehicle, and of course I'd buy my mom a house," said a local Albany resident.

"Maybe buy a new house for my wife, and make sure my family's taken care of, most of all, retire," said another.

But keep that age old saying in mind, money can't buy happiness.

"A lot of people blow through the money very very quickly, because they haven't had that kind of money and it comes in so quickly, they don't know how to handle it, they don't know how to manage it, they don't know how to say no, and then all of a sudden they turn around one day and they've got nothing," said Dr. Cheryl Kaiser or Insight Psycotherapy.

And even without blowing all the money, Kaiser says winning the lottery can have serious health repercussions.

"That can be a very anxiety producing, depression inducing, very disappointing kind of scenario for somebody who's won the lottery cause it can give them a big time wake up call," said Dr. Kaiser.

Although that might be true, that doesn't mean Kaiser hasn't thought about what should we do with those winnings.

"Something that could be used for good and a solid sound purpose, and not just to buy me an Aston Martin.....although I wouldn't say no to an Aston Martin," said Dr. Kaiser.

Either way, those that purchased lottery tickets will hope that they'll be holding the ticket that could change everything.

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