Yoga on Pine

Yoga on Pine is the only yoga studio in the Albany area. Co-owners Barbara and Roger White created it to bring the joys and benefits of yoga to the community.

"About connecting with yourself, your body, your breath, the movement of your body," said Pamela Adams, yoga instructor.

Although other places around the area offer yoga, Yoga on Pine is only actual studio to offer solely yoga classes to the community.

"I just generally feel better, and happier and just generally like I'm doing something good for myself," said Lisa Roth who has been doing yoga on and off for the last 20 years.

Whether new to yoga or an experienced yogini, Yoga on Pine offers something for all levels.

"It's all a journey and what you can't do today you might be able to do a little better tomorrow," said Adams.

And the classes are flexible on your wallet. There is no set fee for classes, monthly payments or membership dues. Its pay by donation for whatever you feel is appropriate.

The building is donated by the White family. A portion of money raised from donations goes back to the owners for supplies like soap and paper towels, yoga equipment and necessary upkeep of the business.

"I think it was a little awkward at first I went to another studio and there was a certain amount of money so I just figured out what I paid there and brought that," said Marilyn Nobles who has been doing yoga for the last ten months and already noticing major health improvements.

And for those who take advantage of the donation based classes by not paying,

"They'll get their karma," said Adams.