YMCA supports pool safety

The YMCA held an emergency drill today for all of their lifeguards to make sure they're prepared in case of a water emergency.

The drill was a mock drowning and lifeguards had to alert the front desk who called 911. The lifeguard responding to the victim had to safely get them out of the pool and perform cpr and chest compressions until Dougherty County EMS arrived within 5 minutes. Lifeguard Coordinator Naomi Johnson says its important for the entire staff to know how to handle an emergency in real time. "For them to see that in actual real time is really important because in the lifeguard class we do a lot of rescues, but we don't do them in real time like the 5 minute response. Today we waited 5 minutes until the ambulance got here. That's real world. They have to know what it's going to be like to do cpr for a 5 full minutes" says Johnson.

The YMCA will be offering safety classes focusing on a variety of things including how to help save someone without getting into the water. Johnson says regular objects such as a towel, ice chest, water noodle, or chair can help save someone's life. In the safety classes they'll also cover how to put together an emergency action plan that way everyone knows exactly what to do in case of an emergency.

Swimming classes for all ages begin in June.

For more information please call the Albany Area YMCA at 229-436-0531

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