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      Yancey Bros celebrates a century

      Yancey Bros. Co. celebrated 100 years of helping customers build roads and communities Friday Afternoon.

      "A lot of things have changed in the past 100 years, but the foundation of what Yancey Bros. Co. stands for has not changed said President and Chairman Jim Stephenson.

      Stephenson TMs father was a part of the Yancey family and says 20 years ago when he came into the company he promised they would make it to 100 years. He adds today the company wouldn TMt be here without communities like Albany.

      Yancey Bros. Co. will also celebrate their 100th Anniversary by giving back to Georgia through a campaign called Dump Hunger Georgia. This food drive partners the company's 32 branch locations with local food banks in 20 different Georgia communities for 2 weeks in July 2014.