'X-Men' Producers scouting Civic Center

X-Men producers are scouting the Civic Center

The Albany Civic Center is being considered as a filming site for the X-men prequel currently being filmed in Brunswick, Georgia.

Assistant City Manager Wes Smith says a site scout been to Albany on two occasions to look at the Civic Center.

After the second visit the production company asked if they could rent the Civic Center the entire month of December. The Civic Center has six events taking up eight days that are scheduled and under contract during the month of December. Officials are working with the production company to see if they can work out a schedule that works for everyone. "I've been able to offer them a 25 day window to actually come in the later part of the December and early January and we're currently waiting for a response" says Smith.

Movie officials say they want to use the inside of the Civic Center to build sets and film scenes.