Wrestling team fights against breast cancer

The Darton College wrestling team held 100 periods of matches for a breast cancer research fundraiser / Sarah Bleau

Updated Thursday, Oct. 20 at 3:14 p.m.

The Darton College wrestling team raised $400 in profits from their event on Wednesday that will be given to the American Cancer Society.

Original Story

The Darton College wrestling team fought against an opponent of different sorts on Wednesday: Breast cancer.

The team set up the fundraiser like a wrestling match, but instead of three two-minute periods, they wrestled for 100 two-minute periods. The wrestling Marathon lasted five hours; wrestlers has a one hour break in between as well as 30 second breaks in between periods.

Pink t-shirts were sold for $20 as a part of the fundraising.

"My mom's a breast cancer survivor so I thought it'd be a great idea -- I've always wanted to do a fundraiser for breast cancer awareness and research -- so I thought I'd be a great idea for wrestling which is supposed to be such a manly sport to wear pink shirts and get out there and show their support and try to raise money," says Head Coach Chris Fleeger.

Fleeger says he wants to make this an annual fundraising event for the team. This year, he says, will set the bar for the following years. Fleeger says after seeing the crowd of students who stopped to watch, he wants to get bleachers for next year.