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      Wrecker services in town might see new fee

      The Albany City Commission carried a motion at Tuesday's meeting to create what they're calling a wrecker dispatch fee.

      City Attorney Nathan Davis says this fee is to balance out the cost to the city when dispatching a wrecker to tow a vehicle.

      Davis told FOX 31 every time a wrecker is dispatched, the wrecker service will have to pay $20 per call. In the meeting Tuesday City Manager James Taylor said they're not trying to make money, they're just trying not to lose it.

      Davis said the money will go back to the city's general fund. He wasn't sure how the wrecker service would handle the fee and whether or not they would raise their own prices.

      FOX 31 also spoke to Quality Wrecker Service who was less than thrilled about the idea. The general manager said first and foremost, they've heard nothing from the city about this which has left him disappointed in our local government.

      As of right now there's no way he could afford to pay out of pocket an extra twenty dollars per call to the city, so the cost would ultimately fall back on the consumer.

      Quality's general manager referred to this fee as "taxation without representation."