Would you be prepared if disaster strikes?

A couple of items to include in your relief kit. / Todd Bailey

Natural and human caused disasters can strike at anytime and anywhere and being prepared can only help you.

When putting together an emergency preparedness kit, it is important to have supplies placed in something that will be easy-to-carry. The kit should be stored in your home or taken with you, if you have to exit unexpectedly.

A kit should be assembled with the needs of the people in your household in mind.

Inside the kit, it's suggested to have a three day supply of nonperishable food items, three gallons of water and a first aid kit.

"We also encourage you to have cash because your ATM debit may be down at the time. We encourage that you have a weather radio to be able to listen from where you're at," says Niguel Poole, the Emergency Services Director for the Flint River Chapter Red Cross.

It's also a good idea to pack any prescription medications, photocopies of identification, credit cards and flashlights with back up batteries. To be even more prepared you can sign up for CPR emergency prepared classes with the Red Cross.

What other suggestions do you have for a kit? Leave us a comment below!