Worth man arrested for fake pot

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This week in Worth County, Brandon Boyd was arrested after Georgia Bureau of Investigation agents showed up to his home on South County Line Road looking for his father, Jeff Boyd. He was wanted in several counties on various charges. Instead, agents found an ounce of spice.

"We noticed some contraband in plain view," GBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge Mark Pro said. "They obtained a search warrant, the residence was searched, Jeff Boyd's son was located in the residence and he was arrested."

Synthetic marijuana is known to many as "spice." It's marijuana produced in a lab and experts says it's very dangerous for those who use it.

"The dangers of using synthetic marijuana are all the way up to death," Lee County Sheriff's Office Sergeant K-9 Handler Eric Strom said.

Emergency Georgia legislation was passed to ban the product. It was named "Chase's Law" after Chase Burnett who died after smoke spice.

Strom says they have seen an uptick in spice cases in recent years.

"The kids..they're going to the synthetic marijuana because when they take the drug test, they're actually able to pass it by using synthetic versus traditional marijuana," he said.

Boyd was taken to the Worth County Jail and was released on a $5,000 bond.

His father Jeff Boyd is still at large. If you know of his whereabouts, you're asked to call the Worth County Sheriff's Office.

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