Worth County Sheriff's deputy shoots dog

This weekend in Worth County, the effect of furlough days at county animal control hits home to animal lovers.

At 7:30am this weekend, the homeowners on James Young Rd noticed two adult dogs and six puppies on their property on the way to work. They called the sheriff's office for assistance.

Sheriff Freddie Thompkins said the deputy tried to help the homeowners into their house, but the adult dogs would not back down. Animal control was then called, but due to furlough days, no one was there to answer the phone. The deputy contacted a superior officer who said if the dogs were hostile, they could be shot.

"The dog did not have a collar, didn't have a tag it was an abandoned dog. So he finally made the decision to protect the community from a mean aggressive dog so he shot the dog," said Tompkins.

The deputy tried to run the dogs off the property, but would not leave. The deputy then fired on one dog wounding it, sending it running into the woods. The homeowner then shot the other dog; it too running off into the woods. Both adult dogs are now presumed dead.

"That was inhumane for him to have shot that dog. You could have lured it into a pen or used a pole with a rope. You could have gotten that dog into a vehicle and you could have got that dog safely to someone else who could have handled it better," said Sarah Powell, a Worth County resident, upset about the situation.

The homeowners have taken in the puppies giving them shelter and food. They are looking for homes for the puppies.