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      Worth County Sheriff calls potential issue devastating for the county

      UPDATE (APRIL 19TH):

      During the Worth County Board of Commissioners meeting on Thursday evening, Sheriff Jeff Hobby told the board the county may be cut off from accessing the Georgia Crime Information Center or GCIC located inside the E-911 building.

      Sheriff Hobby says unauthorized people keep trying to access the building, which could cause the Georgia Bureau of Investigations close the GCIC.

      Fox 31 reached out to the GBI who says they haven TMt had contact with Sheriff Hobby about the situation but confirm that they take the security of crime information very seriously.

      GBI officials say to enter the center, someone needs to be escorted. If they find out an unauthorized person got into the area where they access, process and communicate private criminal records, officials say they will take action which can include terminating access altogether.


      It was a packed house at the Worth County Board of Commissioners meeting on Thursday night as Sheriff Jeff Hobby spoke about a potential problem he says could be devastating to the county.

      Sheriff Hobby says he's currently under a management agreement as overseer of the Georgia Crime Information Center or GCIC and its employees located inside the E-911 building, which means he has to control the security of the center.

      To enter the building a person must have certain credentials like being finger printed, but after multiple people who didn't meet the requirements tried to enter, Sheriff hobby says the Georgia Bureau of Investigations threatened to shut down the GCIC center.

      If that were to happen, Sheriff Hobby says that would take multiple police departments out of the office which would prohibit them from doing some necessary things.

      We will not be able to run the law enforcement, so we won't be able to tell nobody's background, we won't be able to run tags, we won't be able to run criminal history, nothing. Basically when that happens, law enforcement cannot be dispatching 911, said Hobby to the commissioners.

      Once that happens, he would then have to open his own center and employ eight people to manage it around the clock, as would the other police departments, and he says the cost of that alone would be a devastating blow to Worth County.

      Commissioners motioned to discuss the issue in executive session which began shortly before 9 p.m.

      Fox 31 will continue to look for updates on this issue as it progresses.