Worth County prepares for more water

Worth County Public Works has been putting out road signs where there is flooding to warn motorists traveling in the area. / Kerri Copello

Rainy weather has proved to be a problem this summer across all of Southwest Georgia, especially in Worth County and with more rain in the forecast, checking the radar is a constant.

Officials are keeping an eye on some of the areas that constantly see problems when it rains.

Road signs have been put out where there is flooding to warn motorists traveling in the area.

Residents should pay attention to their yard and the ditches when the rain comes.

If the water completely fills the yard and you cannot see the driveway, don't try to walk through the yard.

When it floods, there are many obstacles that could proved to be dangerous so offiicals urge residents to stay inside and call for help.

Motorists traveling in the rain should use caution as well. If there is a road with water covering it, the driver should not try to drive through the water.

Tom Whittington, Worth County EMA Director, says "if it washes out, there again, if you've got water over the road, you don't know how bad the washout is underneath and you drive across it and you fall in."

Whittington wants to remind motorists that road signs are placed for a reason and urges everyone to use caution.

If you would like to report flooding where you are, call the non-emergency line at 229-776-8219.

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