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      Worth County officials cracking down on barricade vandals

      Worth County Public Works had teamed up with the Worth County Sheriff's Office to try and catch drivers who keep moving road barricades.After the recent storms, WCPW closed 43 roads due to flooding and road washouts. WCPW Director John Merritt says the day after his department put up the signs, they were receiving calls that the barricades were gone.Merritt says his team found at least three of the brand new $50 orange cones thrown over the bridge into the creek on Dooley Road.To make sure people wouldn't move them again, Merritt ordered 3,000 lb. cinderblocks to be placed in the road on Monday. By Tuesday night, someone had rigged the blocks to their truck and moved them out of the way.The seven current road closures are in place because of washouts underneath the roads around the pipes, which Merritt says causes a potentially dangerous situation if a car drives over the area which looks normal and it crumbles underneath them.Since it's a become a safety issue, Merritt has asked the sheriff's office to help keep an eye out for anyone tampering with road signs.Worth County Sheriff Jeff Hobby says his team is on the lookout for anything, but because of the size of the county and amount of roads, he's asking the public to help by reporting anything they see.Hobby says if caught, a person messing with the signs will be charged with tampering with government property, but if the missing road sign causes an accident and they can prove who moved it, that person could face felony charges.Merritt says they're cracking down on who is moving the barricades because they're having to reorder more signs, which he says is unnecessary. Since the struggle with vandalism, Merritt says both Lee County Public Works and Georgia Department of Transportation have lent signs from their offices to try and save his office some money, which they appreciate greatly.Stay connected to as stories develop and the FOX 31 Newscast at 10 PM. Visit us on Facebook and Twitter to join in on the conversation and connect with FOX 31!