Worth County looks to neighbors for animal ordinances

One of the dogs that reportedly attacked a Worth County man on Saturday afternoon. / Sherri Hendley

Animal control officers in Worth County say they'd like to adopt an ordinance that restricts certain types of tethers, like some surrounding counties have in the past, after a man was attacked by 3 dogs that chewed through their chains last weekend.

Areas like Tift and Terrell County adopted their own tethering law and say it's a proven method of preventing potential attacks.

"Here in Tifton, in Tift County, we have a leash law which is a chain or a cable has to be 10 foot in length and it has to have swivels on both ends," said Regenia Wells, Director of Tift County Animal Control.

Officials say swivels prevent an animal or its partner if there's more than one from turning around and chewing through the collar.

Wells says her center adopted the law in 2004 and they've received many calls commending their efforts throughout the years after seeing how well it's worked.

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