Worth County Jailer behind bars

These suspects were arrested Monday for fraud and identity theft. / Matt Prichard

A Sylvester City Council Member and Jailer are seeing a different side of the judicial system Tuesday, after they were arrested for stealing an inmate's personal information.

Authorities with Worth County are saying Sylvester City Councilmen Larry Johnson, and Worth County jailer, Martisha Williams, were arrested Monday afternoon. Williams was charged on three counts of financial transaction card fraud, one count of identity fraud, and two counts of forgery, second degree. Councilmen Johnson was also charged with three counts of financial transaction card fraud.

Williams and Johnson had been using a former inmate's identity to open credit card accounts, and even file taxes in her name. When the inmate was released, she went to file her own taxes, only to be informed that taxes were already filed. The unnamed inmate then reported the incident to authorities, leading to a year long investigation which ended Monday.

Williams posted a $3,000 bond Monday night, and Johnson posted a $15,000 bond Tuesday morning.