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      Worth County High evacauated

      Third Update 2:20 p.m.Officials with the Sylvester Police Department say that a 16-year-old male is being charged with disrupting a public school and is being released to his parents. Police also say that a teacher saw him exchanging pills and upon checking his bag, found non-explosive fireworks just after 9 a.m.Second Update 2:00 p.m. The Worth County Sheriff's Office released the following statement via Facebook:At approximately 9:00am this morning, Worth County E-911 was notified of a suspicious item at the Worth County High School. Following protocol, all Worth County agencies responded to the high school to assist with the situation and protection of students and staff. Students and faculty were relocated to the Elementary school gym as a precautionary measure while local law enforcement safely removed the device and turned it over to the GBI bomb detection unit following EMA protocol. Once the GBI has completed thier examination of the device they will report the findings back to authorities. Worth County Sheriff's Office located a second device at the suspects home prior to GBI's arrival. In conjunction with the GBI, the Worth County Sheriff's Office returned to the home of the suspect and looked for any additional devices and materials used to make such devices. Students and faculty safely returned to the Worth County High School. The Sylvester Police Dept has a suspect in custody and the investigation is ongoing.First Update 10:30 AM:Parents that wish to pick up their Worth County High School students can do so at the Worth County Elementary School Bus Loop. This is for Worth County High School students.

      Initial Story: The Worth County Board of Education tells FOX 31 that students at WCHS are being evacuated as a precautionary measure. The police department and MCLB are being called in to search the school.

      Administration has been made aware that a firework type device has been found in the school. In the interest of safety for the students and staff at Worth County High School, the school is being swept to make sure that there are no other devices in the school.

      FOX 31 will bring you more information as it becomes available.