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      Worth County hears from several residents

      The Worth County Commission held a special called meeting Tuesday morning and heard from several county residents.The first resident they heard from was Mike Shivok, who stressed how much he thinks the board should have workshops in addition to regular meetings. Shivok says he and others aren't always sure of what's being approved and what's not and he believes having a workshop would clear up a lot of confusion. Commissioner Bettye Bozeman agreed and said she would even change her schedule around so they could have workshops.The next resident they heard from was Bill Cash who spoke about the community center. He said when he arrived the other day the inside and outside of the building was "trashed." He said there was trash all over the ground outside and grease all over the kitchen. The commissioners weren't sure how the kitchen was so messed up because from their understanding no one had used it but they said they would find out. As of right now the commissioners voted to waive the cleanup fee and said they would have someone take care of it.The commissioners also discussed a claim made against them by Kannetha Clem, the former E-911 director. Not all of the commissioners have seen the actual claim and Bozeman stressed how important it was that they all see the claim before discussing it. Mike Cosby, the chairman of the board, told commissioners they all need to find an attorney to represent them and talk with them about the claim.

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