Worth County commissioners prepare for health care mandate

The Worth County Board of Commissioners conducted a meeting Thursday morning at the Worth County Court House.

/ Rheya Spigner

The Worth County Board of Commissioners conducted a meeting Thursday morning.

Finances and land field operations were discussed, but the heavy topic was about the preparation for health care reform.

Wes Ross and Jonathan Shaw, of ShawHankins Insurance company, attended the meeting to inform the Commissioners of their overall successful plans of health care coverage in the past. However, he urged the Commissioners to prepare for the future.

According to Ross, the employer mandate effective Jan 1, 2015 states that employers must provide insurance to workers who conduct an average of work totaling 30 hours a week. If the insurance is not offered, the employer would then suffer a $2000 penalty.

Ross urged a measuring period. During this measuring period, from now until November, County workers would be monitored on how many hours they work. During this process the Board would assess who meets the requirements under the new mandate.

Board Commissioner Billy McDonald expressed some concern but thinks this action will help organize the health care reform to come.

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