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      Worth County Commission at a standstill over budget

      The Worth County Board of Commissioners held a special called meeting Thursday morning to decide whether or not they were going to increase the tax millage rate.

      Mike Cosby, board chairman, and commissioner Joe Gaines were both in agreement on wanting to raise the millage rate to 11.66 like it was in 2009. They don't think the county will be able to survive without an increase.

      Commissioners Billy McDonald, Bettye Bozeman, and Max Sutton all disagreed. They all stated that the departments need to make the cuts and the taxpayers shouldn't be the ones that suffer.

      Cosby made a motion to pass the millage rate increase but the motion failed 3-2.

      The Board has yet to pass a budget and without the millage rate increase, they say they are at a standstill.

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