Worth County classrooms becoming tech tolerable

Worth County Board of Education inside Tuesday's special called meeting. / Jessica Fairley

Worth County students may soon have the option to carry cell phones to class.

The Worth County Board of Education held a special called meeting on Tuesday night with parents to get input as to what would be the best solution for cell phones in schools.

Parents attending the meeting say cell phones could be an advantage in the school system.

Many schools across the country allow students use electronic devices for educational purposes.

Worth County currently has a "no tolerance" policy for cell phones, but this may change since the state has given each school system the opportunity to design their own plan.

"This is our opportunity to determine how we want to allow that, if we want to allow it and how it would fit into our code of conduct," says Babbs Thomas, Worth County School Superintendent.

She says the electronic device policy would include cell phones, iPads and similar items.