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      Worth commissioners vote in favor of Warwick Fire Department

      The Worth County Commissioners approved a motion to fund what TMs needed to provide adequate fire coverage to the northern part of the county at Tuesday night TMs meeting.

      For weeks now commissioners and residents have been going back and forth on what to do to bring the ISO rating in that area down from a 10. A 10 is the highest rating an area can have and because of the rating, they TMre paying extra in insurance.

      At Tuesday TMs meeting, before the vote, residents once again told commissioners why they need fire coverage and why they need it now. One of those residents is a local developer who said his business is hurting because of the high ISO rating. Jake Bowen, the developer of Flint River Preserve, said, my first homeowner went from paying $1,685 to $4,560 per year in fire insurance. We of course now have to disclose that to anyone that wants to buy a house and we TMre trying to build affordable housing.

      The two commissioners that voted against the motion were Billy McDonald and Joe Gaines; Ken Hall, Bettye Bozeman, and Mike Cosby all voted yes.