Worth commission approves paving of county road

The Worth County Commission held a regular meeting Tuesday morning and approved the paving of a road residents have been complaining about for years.

Since 2010 residents that live on the 3.3 miles of unpaved road on Ephesus Church Road have been going before the board asking for them to spare the money to get the road paved.

But it wasn't until today when former District 2 commissioner Mack Sutton came before the board that they approved for the road to be paved.

Sutton told FOX 31 there are several families that live out there and when it rains, they're pretty much stuck there. The rain turns the road into red clay and makes it near impossible and very dangerous to drive down.

After hearing from Sutton and from Public Works, the board voted to go ahead and get the road surveyed and complete all the needed preparations for it to be paved.