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      World record holder and Albany native speaks to his hometown

      World record holder and Albany native Mike Brown visited his hometown to give a presentation on his passion, treasure diving.

      Brown holds the record for the most pristine gold coin ever found and has been diving for the past 32 years, but turned his recreational hobby into a career in 2008.

      Brown comes back once a year to speak during a dinner at the Adventure Dive Center on North Westover Boulevard to talk about his experiences.

      On Tuesday, Brown spoke to the crowd about what he's been doing since becoming a treasure diver off the coast of Florida with a company called Gold Hound Treasure Divers.

      Brown's team, who has a lease with the state of Florida, has been diving looking for treasure lost from a fleet of 11 ships on July 31st, 1715. Brown says there is around $750 million worth of treasure that hasn't been accounted for and his team's job is to locate it and then turn it over to the state.

      Brown says it's always a great experience coming back to talk to his hometown about his passion because it sparks a lot of interest and he was once in their shoes.

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